How do I watch videos?

We have a few free videos and a Pilot Episode on the site for you to check out the programming before you purchase one of our seasons. First you have to log in to your account, then go to the viewing area. We’ve got it pretty locked down to require these steps, but if you can get in without doing the login and view steps...we want you to work for us show us better security. 

I am having trouble logging in:

  1. The first step is to create an account with us. There is a button to “Register/ Login” button at the top right of the homepage. You’ll need an email address that will become your user name and you'll need a password. There is a "forgot password button" on there as well for later if you misplace the password. This account is held on our e-commerce site, Shopify. We don’t do anything with or handle accounts…we pay for all of that. Shopify is the number one, #1, the best and most widely used e-commerce platform. They have millions of accounts for companies worldwide. If you can’t login, there is usually a missed step on your registration or account formation. 
  2. You will receive an email that acknowledges you have established an account with us. Depending on what computer you use, like a public one or a newly refreshed browser there can be a link in that email that you need to use to confirm you are the one who set it up.
  3. There is a contact us/ insider news registration you can get to for marketing purposes on our contact us page. This is NOT the same as registering for an account. 
  4. We can help you with any of this, just send an email after reading this document to info@stuntstories.com.

I have an account, how do I watch your shows?

  1. Currently, You need to buy one of our seasons to access the videos. To do that you will log in to your account, and go to the purchase tab. Once there you can select your product of choice, and it will go into your shopping cart. To check out, follow the instructions to the checkout and go about paying your bill like you would anytime you buy something online. All of this is handled by Shopify so it really battle tested in the commerce world. If you are using mobile you sometimes can’t see all of the fields. Those screens actually do scroll side to side not just up and down, so give that a shot too. For example, there is a discount code place at the final check out screen, I know you have to scroll right on that screen, on mobile devices, to see that field.
  2. You will receive an email receipt. Once you have that, you need to get back to the website either by clicking back over to the site from your email, or hitting the button in the receipt to take you there. 
  3. Once you are back to the site, you are logged in, and you have purchased the programming you  go to the “WATCH THE SERIES “ Tab, and you will be taken right in.
  4. If you try to purchase a season with out registering an account, you will be asked to register an account before you go forward.

I have a promo code, where does it go?

  1. On the payment screen in your shopping cart, there is a field for a discount code. Insert the code and your checkout $$ will be reduced at that point, before you check out.

I am done watching, can I come back and watch again?

  1. Of course, just log in and hit watch the series again.

What is the the deal with all the talk about the referral money?

  1. We have chosen to build a referral program into our concept. When you purchase the season for $24.99 you receive and email from ReferralCandy that allow you to share your personal code and if someone buys through you, we pay you $10, ten bucks each time. It’s pretty simple you promote us on an email you send out or on Facebook or Twitter  and we pay you.
  2. You must register your PayPal account with ReferralCandy in order to receive your email We don’t handle any of this. It does take a little setting up, but hey, it’s not that difficult, and we hope to be paying you for the trouble. Look at the referral candy emails, there is a spot to click at the bottom of their email that takes you into the area to use the PayPal feature.

What if I don’t care about the referral money? 

  1. With Season One, we have also created a monthly subscription for $6.99 that does not have a referral payout. We’ll keep charging you as long as we are releasing programming and event information about the stunt industry. If you want to cancel, you can do so at anytime within your account or email us at info@stuntstories.com and we’ll drop your subscription.

Who is the Taurus Foundation and what does Stunt Stories do for the foundation?

  1. The CEO of RedBull, Dietrich, created the Taurus Foundation for injured Stuntmen and Stuntwomen to assist them in life expenses after an accident. It is an extension of the Taurus World Stunt Awards that a majority of our guest, and Corey, been recognized by for the best stunts in the world.
  2. We donate a dollar ($1, a buck) to the foundation with every purchase on the site. They announced at the recent Taurus World Stunt Awards at Paramount Studios the foundation now fully supports 12 Stunt Performers for their injuries. What an amazing cause.

I want to be on STUNT STORIES:

  1. Go ahead and write us an email to info@stuntstories.com and we will get you in front of the advisory board we have created to make these decisions.