The Best Stunts in Hollywood Pt. 2

Iconic Stunts Paved the Way

Hello, and welcome back to the Stunt Stories blog! In our previous post, we went over some of the most famous stunts that have ever been conducted in Hollywood and, in today’s post, we are going to continue where we left off. Stunts, like any part of a movie, require diligent planning and impeccable timing. One small slip can be enough to throw the whole thing off and, in some cases, a stunt can only be performed once if it requires explosions, crashes, or other scenarios in which a prop is destroyed. Because of this, when a stunt goes off as it should, particularly a stunt of epic proportions, it is something to be celebrated. Below, we have listed a few stunts that we feel deserve to be celebrated for all time.

#4: House Fall - Steamboat Bill Jr: If you have spent any time studying film, or have simply found yourself on the internet watching videos of stunts, you have probably witnessed this iconic scene. Filmed in 1926, this stunt isn’t just famous, it was revolutionary. Performed by the legendary Buster Keaton, this stunt is famous for the sheer brashness of it. During the stunt, Keaton is standing in front of the face of a house and, quite suddenly, the house front falls towards the camera. Directly in the way of the now falling house, Keaton narrowly avoids being crushed by standing exactly where an open window is in the front of the house. Upon viewing the scene a second time, it should be noted that the house actually brushes against Keaton’s arm, showing just how close he was to being crushed by the thousand pound wall.

#5: Horse To Tank Leap - Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade: Vic Armstrong is one of the greatest, most well-respected stuntmen of modern cinema. While his list of stunts is impressive and it hard to narrow down which one is empirically the best, we feel that his amazing leap in Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade is a solid contender for being number one. Consistently voted as one of the best stunts of all time, the scene features Indiana Jones (played by Armstrong for the scene) jumping from a moving horse to a moving tank. While it might not sound all that difficult, Armstrong noted that it was particularly difficult to teach the horse to run straight against the side of a cliff next to the tank, all while making sure horse didn’t run away if the jump was a miss.

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