The Best Stunts in Hollywood

Do You Know the Best Stunts in Hollywood?

Hello, and welcome back to the stunt stories blog! In today’s post, we thought we would do something a little different. While we normally write blogs centering around the guests that appear on our web series, we thought we would dedicate the next two posts to the most famous stunts that have been performed in Hollywood. At the time, each and every one of these stunts was a game changer and, without them, the world of stunts would not be what it is today. While dangerous, these stunts were necessary in order to pave the way for bigger, better, and more entertaining stunts. Innovation breeds innovation and, in our opinion, our series would not even exist if not for the stunts were are about to list. We hope that by the end of this short blog series you have a better appreciation for these stunts and what they contributed to the world of stunt performances. Continue reading below to learn more.

Everyone Has a Favorite Stunt

If you ask most people, they have a stunt that they can point to as their favorite. Whether it’s a scene from a James Bond film, or a driving stunt in one of the Transformer movies, people are impressed by certain stunts more than others. While we understand that our list might not contain your favorite, we hope that you still learn a little history.

#1: Crocodile Jump - Live and Let Die: While a lot of debate surrounds which actor has played the best James Bond, most people agree that Roger Moore was a solid casting choice in nearly every category. Charismatic, charming, witty, and British, Moore played everyone’s favorite spy in seven movies from 1973 to 1985. While Moore will forever hold a place in our hearts, we here at Stunt Stories are even more impressed by some of the stunts that were featured in his films. In a now iconic scene in the 1973 film Live and Let Die, James Bond is shown pulling off quite the spectacular stunt. Performed by renowned crocodile wrangler Ross Kananga, Bond is faced with a precarious situation in a swamp where he is forced to either die or jump over a group of angry crocodiles to reach freedom. While tame by today’s standards, the stunt is an iconic one in the world of stunt performers.

#2: Truck Flip - The Dark Knight: Often cited as the best Batman movie to ever be made (due largely to the unforgettable and infamous performance delivered by Heath Ledger as the Joker) The Dark Knight also contains one of our favorite driving stunts of all time. During this stunt, a moving tractor trailer is flipped onto its head, delivering an iconic scene for an iconic movie. Chris Corbould, the special effects supervisor, devised a remote control piston that, when activated, propelled the truck into the air and directly on its back, stopping the Joker, the driver of the truck, dead in his tracks.

#3: Electrified Pole Slide - Police Story: No list of famous stunts is complete without mentioning at least one Jackie Chan film. Chan, noted for performing his own stunts in all of his movies, jumps from a balcony inside of a shopping center to a poll suspended a few feet away. As he slides down the poll (which was a few stories tall by the way) he hits multiple strands of electrical lights, showering himself and the people below him in sparks. While the stunt, by today’s standards, may look simple, it is nonetheless one of the most impressive Chan stunts we have ever seen.

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